Connection address has changed!
Connect your clients to via SSL
Non-SSL Connections will be refused soon!
Control Panel ~ Web Client

Failure to comply may result in permanent barring from services.

  1. No temporary mail providers.
  2. No spamming, flooding, or botting in any capacity.
  3. Do not hassle the BNC admins about approving your request. They can deny it.
  4. Do not PM the BNC admins. Use the request bot.
  5. One account per person.

Forbidden Networks

Requesting your BNC

  1. Connect to the IRC channel (Advanced users connect to and join channel #stormbnc)
  2. Request a BNC by saying !request <Username> <Email> Note: Using a temporary mail provider is forbidden.
  3. Wait for us to approve your request. It can take at least an hour.

Using your BNC

Configuring Your User

  1. To begin configuring your user, navigate to the configuration interface
  2. Input your username and password in the login field
  3. On the right, you will see your available configuration options. Select Your Settings
  4. Change your password from the pre-assigned one.
  5. By default, your nickname, alternate nickname, ident, and Realname are all your ZNC username.

Configuring Networks

  1. Log in to ZNC’s Webmin interface
  2. Select Your Settings
  3. Under Networks, select the Add link
  4. Under Network Name, you may name it anything you like. Please note that it is case sensitive and must be typed exactly when you are logging in to a multi-network user.
  5. Specify your nickname, alternative nickname, Ident, and Realname if you would like them different from the previously configured ones
  6. Under the servers section, specify which IRC servers you would like to connect to. Note: they must belong to the same IRC network.
  7. Scroll down to Modules. chansaver, highlightattach, nickserv/q, and route_replies are recommended but not necessary.
  8. Select the “Add Network” button the bottom of the page and your ZNC user will connect to the specified IRC server.

Configuring Your Client

Due to the differences between IRC clients, not every client will have setup instructions.

Setting up HexChat with ZNC

  1. Open the Networks List
  2. Select Add. After naming the network, select Edit. Use
  3. Check 'Use SSL for all servers on this network.'
  4. Under the Password section, use the following format: `User/Network:Password

Setting up AndChat with ZNC

  1. Open AndChat and select the encircled plus button to add a server
  2. Under Name, name your ZNC connection.
  3. Under Address, input
  4. Under Port, put 5050 and check the SSL box.
  5. Scroll down to Authentication, and select the Set Up button
  6. Check the “Use server password” box, and use User/Network:Password as the server password

Setting up Quassel with ZNC

  1. Select the Networks submenu
  2. Select 'Add'
  3. Name the network something relevant.
  4. Under the network details, select 'Add'
  5. Under the server address, enter
  6. Under Port, put 5050 and check the SSL box.
  7. Under the password field, use the format User/Network:Password
  8. Save your changes and connect.

Setting up LimeChat with ZNC

  1. Start LimeChat and select New Server
  2. Under the server hostname, input
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced
  4. Under Port, put 5050 and check the SSL box.
  5. Under Server Password, use the format User/Network:Password
  6. Select Done and save your changes.

(Not Recommended) Setting up mIRC with ZNC

  1. To connect once, simply use the format:

    /server +5050 username/network:password
  2. To make it permanent, press the Tools menu, and select Scripts Editor

    Use the following format to automatically connect to IRC networks on startup. Put it under the Remotes tab:

    on *:START:{
        server +5050 user/network1:password
        server -m +5050 user/network2:password
        server -m +5050 user/network3:password
        server -m +5050 user/network4:password
        server -m +5050 user/network5:password